Friday, 20 February 2015

How to debug issues with S&P?

S&P - Debugging issues:

How can we find Run log for S&P:
We can check process of S&P by appending URL as : /q=xxx&gsdo=searchpaths&gsdb=runlog&gsdblog=3

Search and promote Simulator in Browser without login:
just append the gscmc=1 parameter in the stage URL. That will load the simulator in the browser instead of login in S&P.

Analyse category or any complicate errors from page:
Add '&gsdb=searchpaths to the staged/live URL with query. Then 'view source' and look for the default search we can find more details.

Index logs

Majority of the indexing issues are published in index logs and by analysing it, we can resolve many of them.

Can we debug transport layer of S&P?

We can get the data passed from JSON layer to presentation layer by previewing the data. On template we need to select preview option to see the data output.

How to check syntax written in a temlate?
We have guided tags to create S&P output. While writing those, ust enable 'check syntax error' on template options. By doing this temlate throws error on save, when there is a syntax error.

Update; Adobe Search & Promote is now Adobe Target

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