Thursday, 22 August 2013

Search And Promote FAQ

Frequently asked questions: Adobe S&P

 Below given are some usually questions which we hear before proceeding Search & Promote.
 These questions are the usually first questions heard before any search tool implementation.

1) Which site can integrate with S&P?
Anysite. Any site needs to be implemented with search can be done through s&p.

2) Is Day CQ website a mandate for S&P?


3) What components can be done using S&P?

Menu, breadcrumb, paginatione etc any feature to refine the search can be done through S&P.

4) What are the various sites S&P can work with?

Content Search - Crawls the web url and index, then display result
Product search -  Any kind of feeds with product info will be better for such search.

5) Advantage of S&P?

S&P provides better support compared to other searches. They have option to set business rules to promote an item.

6) Procedure to get an S&P Search implementation?

Contact Adobe to get an S&P Account, they also develop it for you and give maintenance and support further .

7) Site search account can be converted to S&P?

Yes Site search is an old version which can be easily converted/migrated into search and promote.  You need to contact Adobe sales team for this.

8) What about Mercado,Google site search migration to S&P?

Any other searches like Mercado, Google search can be also migrated to S&P with some effort.

9) Search And Promote is Free?


10) Is it possible to use attribute loader in CQ as in site search?

Attribute loader is an add on to load additional data from a feed and make it available for index. Answer for the above question is yes. We can use attribute loader in new Search And Promote too.

11) Search and Promote cost?

Contact Adobe Sales Team.

Update; Adobe Search & Promote is now Adobe Target, Refer above page as Adobe Target FAQ.