Tuesday, 18 December 2012

SEO with Day CQ

Search Engine Optimization mainly defines the power of a website and rest is in creative content. SEO is not a separate process which can be started once we finish the site implementation. This about SEO before you imagine about the UI, bcz it helps to reach more people.

CQ supports SEO through below methods:

  • CQ helps to create search engine friendly URL's
  • Customizable templates
  • Image components have <alt> tags by default in CQ. so always use better names for files.
  • Paragraph formatting with various tags in RTE component
  • Distinguished page property elements to better describe your content

Be very careful to follow below items which helps to improve the SEO through CQ

  • Remember about SEO before any design
  • Never create bad/broken links
  • Use text for all rich media assets.
  • Always use Compression techniques.
  • Reference of XML sitemap in robots.txt
  • Every page should have a unique page title.
  •  All error page should someway link to home page.
  • Always use 301 - permanent redirect, this enables better SEO loops.
  • If there is a business need to have more than one URL, always use 301 permanent-redirect to redirect from one url to another url.
  • Always use Absolute URLs (complete) rather than Relative URLs.
  • All nodes in content hierarchy should be lowercase as CQ uses content hierarchy to reach to a page.
  • If the CMS automatically creates a new URL for every time a page changes, it would automatically remove the old URL and update in the XML sitemap with the new one. In addition, the old URL would be permanently redirected (301) to the new URL.
  • When creating an XML sitemap, ensure it is dynamic, always updated one.
  • Heading tags should be used on each page, highlighting key terms as headings. Particularly the use of the H1 tag.
  • Use breadcrumb as much as possible if requirements permit.
  • Use the rel=prev and rel=next pagination tags on pages that are paginated, ensure a proper link flow.


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