Friday, 24 May 2013

Adobe Search And Promote and performance

Let us see the major things to be taken care to avoid performance issues while implementing Adobe S and P.
As we know search and promote has got many advantages and abundant modes of customization while
implementing for a websearch.

Usually a web can have content search and if it is a website which sells products, there are product searches available to implement. Same time we need to ensure some of the things while we implement it, which can affect the performance of search.

1) Rules implementation.

There are pre and post searches in any search process. So in Search and Promote we should ensure the post search should be minimal and it should not execute many times (need another new search = 0).

2) Templates should be light: There should not be unnecessary loops and keep temlates always light. it helps to improve the performance.

3) Filed table/attribute table implementation: Ensure the field table to be not executed during first page load. ie, always create field table when *only* required.