Monday, 10 June 2013

How, When, What - Adobe Search & Promote.

This page contains details of flow of Adobe Search & Promote.

Adobe Search & Promote is one of the leaders in websites Product & Content Searches. How it is different from other technologies is the way we can do customization in search. We can use one of the best feature available in market called promote.

The major aim of any search migration project are given below,

a)    Migration of legacy search system to Search & Promote platform.
b)    Return more relevant results
c)    Use customer-supplied metrics to rank search results

So the flow happens as given below.

•    Create new Search & Promote account for the team.
•    Define metadata schema & configure the URL entry points/ index connector.
•    Using report widgets to see data populated by verifying all results are indexed, verifying all results are returned in the data view & verify that keyword searches are returning best results as offered by S&P.
•    Designing search result pages
•    Facet based search implementation.
•    Implement Sort, facet, breadcrumb, pagination etc.
•    implement best way of navigation by making it easy for users to navigate results using nested facets.
•    More details on content search (data views, sort etc) and transport layer.
•    The output can be configured to deliver HTML or XML as requested by clients.
•    We can do ranking of results based on metrics on previous searches.

Extra Notes:

•    Debug any issues with the search functionality using debug options available and also through analyzing the transport layer output.
•    Then using business rules, direct hits we can display promotional content, such as banners, depending on specific search contexts.

We recommend adobe search & promote for any product/content search in any type of website. If you need assistance, contact Adobe:

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Update; Adobe Search & Promote is now Adobe Target

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