Saturday, 15 October 2016

Search and Promote to Adobe Target

Adobe has moved from Search to Search driven merchandising.

Adobe Target suggests merchandise and offers based on user search pages and search terms they have used. Adobe Target makes it easy to promote the right content to- best way of customization.
The implementation method and tool of target looks almost same as Adobe Search and Promote.

How the new search different from Search and promote?

 Test & Target is an improved version of Adobe Search and Promote, which helps users to test various search experiences, marketing products, or analyzing results pages mutually to determine the highest performers. Test & Target also facilitates the targeting of search results or pages to visitors based on past purchase data or prior category preferences. Target can also be easily incorporated into search results to provide product or content recommendations related to visitors’ searches.

 Adobe Target Features

Site Search Options

Vast amount of options like did you mean, dynamic image rendition, decision making refinements etc

Customized Display

based on algorithm target customize the top offering, most popular, highest rated etc.

Search intent
Brilliantly understands the user search based on linguistics, business rules etc to cater high quality results

Metrics based relevance

Based on the rules set, search items are ordered and placed on top so that the relevancy can be high

Analytics integration

Adobe analytics integrated with target helps to capture the search data for customers

Targeted promotions

Promotional items like videos, banner can be set on search results

Update; Adobe Search & Promote is now Adobe Target