Tuesday, 17 September 2013

CQ/ AEM Integrating with Adobe Search&Promote

People usually use Adobe search and promote with CQ developed websites.
Below is a good tutorial from Adobe blog on how to integrate search and promote with CQ.

Search and promote can be integrated with CQ very easily if you follow above steps.

One of the major requirement when we deal with product website is, the input feed should be in defined format, also the S&P output XML which will be fed to CQ.


The major advantage of implementing CQ with S&P is both are product of same company, so the integration is quite easy. There are very good help tutorials available for S&P integration related FAQ's.

How long it may take?

An ordinary- less complicated website takes 2 weeks time usually and complications are purely on the facet structure, data, product, content structure.

Will S&P implementation can be done by a CQ guy?

S&P has lots of features to customize. If a new person do the work, it could be minimal usage of the product. So its better to approach a professional from Adobe to implement S&P.

Update; Adobe Search & Promote is now Adobe Target, same tutorial can be referred for AEM Integration with Target.

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