Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Search & Promote

This page gives the complete update on Adobe Search And Promote Migrations.
It includes meta data spec, breadcrumb creation, facets navigation, s&p account creation, data view, verify data and further things.
First steps of S&P

Data Collection       
The first step in all S&P implementations is to make sure the XML Feed from the client is perfect without any issues.
    Setup Meta Definitions in S&P based off of Meta XLS Sheet

    Setup Index Connector   
    Setup URL Entry Point   
    Create the Staged Index   
    Wait for Index Completion   
        If errors exist (more than single digits) look for reason and fix

Reporting & QA       
The second major step in all S&P implementation projects is to make sure the Data Collection is free of any errors.   
    Create Data Views with valid fields   

    Search Components       
The third major step in all S&P implementation projects is to create the search components.      
Define Facets       
Page Navigation       

The following steps ensure that all fields are present in the XML Feed.       
JSON Transport Template       
    Add all Facets   
    Add all Search Results

Presentation Layer   
It helps to fetch the output . It could be HTML/XML or JSON format 

Guided XML Template       
    Add all Menus   
    Add Breadcrumbs   
    Add Pagination   
    Add all Facets   
    Add all Search Results   
Check Generated XML Feed       
    Look over XML Feed for all desired fields.   
A major step in S&P is creating a simulation to view search experience on the live site. In order to effectively create a simulator, several presentation files must be created.       
Create Rule       
    Setup Pre-Search Rule   
        The presentation rule will trigger the right simulator template for viewing.

Set up post search rules
Set up business rules.

Take the S&P account to live.

Update; Adobe Search & Promote is now Adobe Target


  1. Hi,
    While performing staged index in adobe s&p with finished message i am getting following error :
    70: 12/09 06:07:05 PST ERROR: Script: Indexed Product Pages: 0
    What can be the possible cause or where to find reason for errors while crawling?